What time does the gate open?


Gates are usually open from 5pm-10pm the night before a race and reopen again at 6 am the next morning.


What time is Sign-Up?


Sign up is usually 7-9pm the evening before the race and 7-9am on race day


(Some tracks vary, Check homepage prior to event)


Can I pre-enter?


NEMX has no pre-entry, but sign up is quick and easy.


How much is it to race?


  • Entry fees - $40 per class
  • Gate fee - $15 per racer (any age) / $25 for two day races
  • Gate fee - $15 per spectator (Ages 6+)
  • Full Membership Fee - $90
  • One Day Membership Fee - $0


*Some tracks may vary in prices


Are the events scored?


MX events are 2-Moto Format combined, championship points are accumulated from both motos


How are championship points assigned?


Championship points are assigned per Moto


How are promotional points assigned?


Promotional points are assigned per overall finish. Reference the NEMX Rulebook for rules on Promotional Points


What is the race order?


The race orders rotate to give each class the opportunity to race near the beginning of the day


Does the race order ever get altered?


Yes, based on turnout in each of the classes, some may be combined or separated. You should always check the final race order after practice


How do I know which race order will be on each race?


The NEMX site has the Series schedules along with the race order and which manufacturers are paying contingency at each race


How are combined classes scored?


Combined classes are scored separately from one another


How does Contingency work?


Each rider must sign up directly with the manufacturer. After the race, NEMX sends them the results and the rider gets paid directly from the manufacturer. See each Manufacturer for more details, as rules are different for each


What classes does NEMX run?


  • 50 4-6
  • 50 7-8
  • 50 Open 4-9
  • 65 7-9
  • 65 10-11
  • 65 Open 7-12
  • 85 9-11
  • 85 12-15
  • Supermini 9-16
  • 55+
  • 250 C
  • 250 B
  • 250 A
  • 450 C
  • 450 B
  • 450 A
  • Open C
  • Open B
  • Open A
  • 30 C
  • 30 B
  • 30 A
  • 40 C
  • 40 B
  • 40 A
  • 50+
  • GIRLS 9-15
  • Women 85cc-250cc
  • Non Race Bike (Only at certin tracks)


What class should I ride in?


Each rider must race in the same level class as he/she races in any other organization.


The only exception is the Youth A to 250/450 B.


NOTE: Do not be confused by the terminology of Expert, Amatuer, Novice, Beginner, etc.


  • A = A
  • B = B
  • C = C




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